Johannes A. Lercher

Institute for Integrated Catalysis, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland,
WA Department of Chemistry Technische Universität München, Garching, Germany

Johannes Lercher studied Chemistry at the TU Wien, completing doctoral studies in 1980 and spent 1982 at Yale University. After a decade at TU Wien, he joined the University of Twente, Netherlands as Professor of Chemical Technology. Since 1998, he is Professor of Chemistry at the TU München, and since 2011 also Director of the Institute of Integrated Catalysis at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Research addresses fundamental aspects of catalysis lowering the carbon footprint via radically new approaches to energy carriers and intermediates. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Catalysis and was President of the International Zeolite Association and the European Federation of Catalysis Societies. He is member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the US National Academy of Engineering, and the German National Academy of Science and Engineering. Recent awards include the Michel Boudart Award, the Alwin Mittasch Prize and the ENI Award for Hydrocarbon Research.
Selected publications:
  • Role of the ionic environment in enhancing the activity of reacting molecules in zeolite pores N. Pfriem, P. H. Hintermeier, S. Eckstein, Q. Liu, H. Shi, L. Milakovic, Y. Liu, G. L. Haller, E. Baráth, Y. Liu, J. A. Lercher, Science, 372, 952 (2021).
  • Critical role of solvent-modulated H–binding strength for catalytic hydrogenation of benzaldehyde on Pd G. Cheng, A. Jentys, O. Y. Gutiérrez, Y. Liu, C. Chin, J. A. Lercher, Nature Cat., 4, 976 (2021).
  • Maximum impact of ionic strength on acid-catalyzed reaction rates induced by a zeolite microporous environment Q. Liu, N. Pfriem, G. Cheng, E. Baráth, Y. Liu, J. A. Lercher, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 62, e202208693 (2023).
  • Low-temperature upcycling of polyolefins into liquid alkanes via tandem cracking-alkylation W. Zhang, S. Kim, L. Wahl, R. Khare, L. Hale, J. Hu, D. M Camaioni, O. Y. Gutiérrez, Y. Liu, J. A. Lercher, Science, 379, 807 (2023).