During the symposium, refreshments will be provided for participants. The capacity is limited.
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Company symposium / ZEISS

Tuesday, August 29, 13:30–14:30
North hall

Characterisation of environmental and new energy catalysts through electron and X-ray microscopy
Linking structure and catalytic properties
N. Moharrami

Workshop Description:
Heterogeneous catalysts are a broad and versatile set of engineered porous materials of high surface area and surface functionalization. Automotive catalysts have removed billions of tons of pollutants from entering the atmosphere since their deployment in the 1970s and must withstand lifelong service lives. Their structure-property relationships are complex, determined by porosity, particle size, voids, and adhesion between substrate, washcoat base layer, and precious metal active components. Catalysts can therefore be challenging to image and characterize at high resolution and in three dimensions.
In this workshop, participants will learn about:
  • Novel 3D microscopy approaches to imaging the internal solid and pore structure of catalysts
  • How 3D datasets can be used to simulate the performance of gasoline particulate filters (GPF) and polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC)
  • Using X-ray microscopy for 3D imaging, pore analysis, and differentiation and quantification of washcoat and substrate layers on a honeycomb support
  • Deep learning was used for reconstruction, measurement, and multiphase segmentation of 3D datasets of GPF
  • Reconstructed data as input into gas flow simulations to relate pressure drop to performance
  • Property simulations to predict pressure drop along channels and through channel walls, and reactivity, through experimentally derived structure- conditions
  • Using X-ray nanotomography to study porous PEFC catalyst agglomerate structures and used to simulate gas diffusion through pore networks
  • Non-destructive 4D studies enabled by time-resolved in situ experiments
Catalyst, GPF, honeycomb, coating, washcoat, deep learning, machine learning, segmentation, XRM, perovskite
During the symposium, refreshments will be provided for participants. The capacity is limited.
If you are interested, please sign up via the 
registration system (Company symposiums form).

Company symposium / Heraeus

Tuesday, August 29, 13:30–14:30
Chamber hall
Optimizing precious metal catalysts: Tailored solutions for unique applications
Get to know Heraeus and learn more about our broad product range of homogeneous and heterogeneous precious metal catalysts. Throughout the symposium, our experts will speak about the process of selecting the perfect precursor, substrate, and synthesis method to create the perfect catalyst tailored to meet each customer's specific needs.
Join our innovation journey and learn more about the story of our phosphine ligand for complex C-N couplings with Pd2(dba)3, accompanied by a showcase of our development of a Ru-catalyst for ammonia decomposition.
At Heraeus we are aware that every customer has their own requirements. That is why we offer a wide range of development solutions for the individual design of catalyst formulations and manufacturing processes. Find out more about our diverse manufacturing models, which range from tolling to customized catalyst development.
Additionally, we will highlight the cost effectiveness of precious metal-based catalysts through recycling loop strategies, which allow an efficient use of scarce precious metals.
Dominik Sperzel
Head of Sales - Chemical Catalysts
Dominik Sperzel has been working for Heraeus since more than 10 years. He held various commercial roles in the field of Chemical Products, Supported Catalysts, Emission Catalyst as well as Precious Metals Recycling. In his daily work, he supports clients to understand the impact of precious metals catalysts throughout their complete ‘loop’ – from the performance impact in chemical processes to the sustainable recycling of spent materials. His passion lies in new emerging catalyst challenges within the hydrogen economy and green chemistry space.
Dr. Detlef Gaiser
Technical Sales Manager - Chemical Products
Dr. Detlef Gaiser has work experience of almost 25 years in several technical positions in the chemical industry: research, production, application technology and technical sales. His passion is to understand complex technical contexts, find and explain solutions and of course turning these into profitable businesses. Some of his latest topics are: Homogeneous precious metal catalysts for fine chemicals & pharmaceuticals, precious metal salts & solutions, ruthenium as a conductor metal in semiconductor microchips.