Štefan Vajda

J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Academy of Science

Tentative title 
Size- and Composition Selected Subnanometer Cluster Catalysts ín Oxidative Dehydrogenation and Selective Oxidation Reactions

Stefan Vajda is currently the head of the recently established Department of Nanocatalysis of the J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Science located in Prague (https://web.jh-inst.cas.cz/department/department-of-nanocatalysis#department). He is also the ERA Chair holder at the Institute (https://www.heyrovsky-chair.eu/). Stefan’s work has been focused on the studies of atomically precise size- and composition selected subnanometer size cluster-based catalyst under realistic reaction conditions of temperature and pressure in industrially relevant processes, more recently also on the studies of nanocatalysts prepared by wet chemical methods in addition to cluster deposition from molecular beams in vacuum. Stefan received his Diploma (MSc) degree in Physical Chemistry and his PhD in Chemistry from Charles University in Prague, then habilitated in Experimental Physics at the Freie Universität Berlin. His awards include a Fulbright Fellowship spent at the University of Chicago. Before returning to Prague in 2019, Stefan was active at the Freie Universität Berlin and Argonne National Laboratory US. During his career, Stefan published over 120 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, has 7 issued US patents and presented over 90 invited talks at international conferences.