Alexey Kirilin

Research Scientist at Dow (Corporate R&D), the Netherlands

Tentative title 
Catalysis for sustainable chemical production
Alexey Kirilin joined Dow in 2014 and is currently a Research Scientist in the Corporate R&D. He is part of the high-throughput heterogeneous catalysis group based in the Netherlands. He is technical lead of a global team developing future catalyst technology for sustainable chemical production.
Alexey’s research focus is on discovery and development of heterogeneous catalysts for industrial applications serving multiple businesses. His contributions spanned across several Dow’s businesses including Dow Industrial Solutions, Performance Monomers as well as Plastics Specialty Packaging and Hydrocarbons (P&SPH).
He holds a PhD degree in Catalysis from Abo Akademi University in Finland and Institute of Organic Chemistry (Moscow, Russia) and an MBA from Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland).
Alexey is an inventor on 22 patents and has co-authored 27 peer-reviewed publications in the field of catalysis. 

Selected publications:
  • A. V. Kirilin, J. F. Dewilde, V. Santos, A. Chojecki, K. Scieranka, A. Malek, Conversion of Synthesis Gas to Light Olefins: Impact of Hydrogenation Activity of Methanol Synthesis Catalyst on the Hybrid Process Selectivity over Cr-Zn and Cu-Zn with SAPO-34, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2017, Vol. 56, 13392.
  • X. Zhang, A. V. Kirilin, S. Rozeveld, J. H. Kang, G. Pollefeyt, D. F. Yancey, A. Chojecki, B. Vanchura, M. Blum, Support Effect and Surface Reconstruction in In2O3/m-ZrO2 Catalyzed CO2 Hydrogenation, ACS Catalysis, 12, 2022, 3868–3880.
  • J. Xie, H. M. Torres Galvis, A. C. J. Koeken, A. Kirilin, A. I. Dugulan, M. Ruitenbeek, K. P. de Jong, Size and Promoter Effects on Stability of Carbon-Nanofiber-Supported Iron-Based Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts, ACS Catalysis, 2016, Vol. 6, 4017.
  • J. F. DeWilde, C. R. Ho, J. Conner, A. Smith, A. V. Kirilin, A. Malek, and P. M. Witt, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2021, 60, 39, 14166–14175.
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  • B. Rozmysłowicz, A. Kirilin, A. Aho, H. Manyar, C. Hardacre, J. Wärnå, T. Salmi, D. Y. Murzin, Selective hydrogenation of fatty acids to alcohols over highly dispersed ReOx/TiO2 catalyst, Journal of Catalysis, 2015, Vol. 328, 197.
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